Strict Jane

Professional Disciplinarian

Strict Jane provides expert spanking services to consenting adults, with use of hand, paddle, strap and cane in a variety of positions.

“I Need it Now!”

In a hurry for your spanking? If available, Strict Jane may consider a same-day or next-day appointment. Send her an email (address is visible at the bottom of this page) with the following subject line: ‘Session Today/Tomorrow Please.’ You will then be instructed via emails from Strict Jane.

“A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down…” It helps to have an attractive Disciplinarian dispensing your corrective strokes. Once Strict Jane opens the door to greet you, you will be pleased to take her medicine, guaranteed!

Disciplinarian: ‘One that enforces or believes in strict discipline’

This title does not fully describe Strict Jane’s many capacities, although she does believe in strict discipline when appropriate and necessary.


The physical aspect of her service is to provide a specific type of stimulus, repeatedly, in the region of the buttocks. ‘Spanking’ is the commonly accepted term for the treatment provided by Strict Jane, although she prefers to think of it as stimulus or beneficial pain sensation. It has differing purposes for each recipient. It may be painful, or it may be pleasurable, depending on your point of view. It may or may not include strict discipline. It may be correctional and of a serious, corporal nature, it may be playful and humorous, or it may be motivating or cathartic.

Sessions are completely tailored to your needs, reasons, and tolerance, which is why you must first complete the New Client Application Form.


2014-01-08 15.01.39

Caught cheating? Procrastinating?

Being unproductive in front of your computer?

Too lazy to exercise? Not helping at home? Watching too much TV?

Strict Jane is well aware of your bad habits and is ready for you to confess your weaknesses before she decisively puts an end to them with a ritualistic thrashing. Once you have been punished and cleansed for past misdeeds, she will hold you accountable to creating and maintaining new, healthy habits.

Spanking Therapy

With a background in health therapies and life coaching, Strict Jane’s purpose is to enhance the lives of those who visit her. If you are willing, she will address current life issues or childhood transgressions to help release long-held emotional blockages. Spanking truly can be therapeutic, even for those who are not interested in being spanked regularly. Consider a visit with Strict Jane if you would like to address any of the following issues:


  • Guilt
  • Stress/Overwhelm
  • Boredom
  • Stagnation/Inertia
  • Loneliness
  • Sexually Unfulfilled/Misunderstood

When you are open in exploring these issues, there is an emotional aspect to Strict Jane’s service that can provide catharsis and eventual healing. Talking with Strict Jane can provide a rare opportunity to discuss taboo topics with someone who understands and is supportive of your needs. Bare your soul before you bare your bottom, and you will feel rejuvenated by the end of your spanking treatment.

Spanking Needs FulfilledJanecrosslegchair

You do not need a reason to be spanked. Many people just need spanking inherently, for reasons unknown to them. It is as natural as needing a good massage for sore muscles, or a chiropractic adjustment when your spine is out. You might have secretly thought or wondered about it your whole life without getting the chance to try it, or you might be well-attuned to your needs and having them met. When your psyche (and bottom) is calling out for some deep impact, Strict Jane is happy to provide a spanking/strapping/caning at the intensity level you require. Strict Jane will also provide a role-play scenario for those who choose a fantasy experience.

Please see the Disciplinarian page for more details about this service.

Getting Started

2014-01-25 13.28.38Whether you are a novice who would like an introduction, or a complete ‘spanko,’ ready to take the next step in a female-dominant (femdom), professional spanking service, Strict Jane

will cater a session to suit your particular needs. From a hand spanking ‘over the knee’ (OTK) to heavy corporal punishment, Strict Jane’s expertise is relevant for all spanking enthusiasts. Her natural empathy will ensure that you feel safe and cared-for, even as your bottom warms and reddens under her purposeful hand.

Strict Jane is accepting new clients as well as administering to her established clientele.  She operates in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. See Bookings for her schedule details.

New Clients:

If you are new to this service, you must complete and submit the New Client Application Form. This is the first step in arranging a future session or hearing back from Strict Jane.

Life Coaching

2014-02-13NoFace 13.09.43

If you are seeking traditional life coaching and were surprised to end up here, you ought to consider the benefits of being held accountable physically to goals that are important to you. When your bottom is on the line to receive something painful as a consequence of your own failures, it is amazingly effective in motivating you towards completing your goals each week. This can also be achieved via distance coaching. It works particularly well for those who do not enjoy getting a sore bottom!

Please see my Life Coaching page for more details.

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